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Take time for a nice long hug

I recently wrote about a great American writer called William Keepers Maxwell Jr (1908-2000) who says more about the human condition in one short paragraph than many a hyped modern novelist can in the fattest tome.

“…Maxwell casts a forensic light on a crucial difference between the sexes. Making up their quarrel (just), Austin takes Martha in his arms: ‘If he had held her a moment longer he would have given her all the reassurance she needed for some time to come, but he remembered the people downstairs, and let go.

‘It was not his failure entirely. Women are never ready to let go of love at the point where men are satisfied and able to turn to something else. It is a fault of timing that affects the whole human race. There is no telling how much harm it has caused.’ …”

But read this Maxwell quote again and you might agree with me that the most interesting difference between the sexes is the way they express emotions.

In my experience women do tend to be more needy. A hug that lasts a few minutes longer can work wonders.

Bel – 28 Sept 2013