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Let us be of good cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those which never happen.

                               James Russell Lowell (American poet, 1819-1891


25th June 2016

I’m writing this on a momentous day (Friday) when what I voted for has happened, although I did not expect it too. I did expect a narrow margin in the referendum, but that it would go the other way. Now, on Facebook I am reading all sorts of anger and fear among those who wanted us to remain in Europe. There is a horrible level of abuse too – rich, left-wing people calling those working people who voted Leave ‘stupid’ and ‘ugly-minded.’

I chose the above quote at the beginning of the week, not knowing (obviously) how the vote would go. But it is so apposite! Such doom-mongering is going on, and a little perspective is needed. Yes, these are unsettling times, but I agree with Boris Johnson that we should see this as a great opportunity. I object to Britain being talked down by those who have second homes and think they know what is best for Mr and Mrs Everyman.

So now – a new Labour leader? A new Prime Minister? And lots and lots of talking. Bring it on….all of it.

In the meantime, people will go on falling in love, getting married, loving their children, taking care of their old parents, walking their dogs, shopping in M&S, grieving for their loved ones who are dying, laughing at silly jokes, crying at old movies, being horrible to each other, being kind, booking holidays, doing the garden, worrying about their taxes, moaning about the bloody rain, saving for a rainy day, buying sun cream because hope springs eternal…and so on. And on.

And the worse won’t happen.

Just you see.


Now I am far too tired to write anything else. Staying up most of the night does that too you.


Today, June 25th, is my husband’s birthday – which reminds me of what matters most.