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Dying Light

I am looking forward to the magnificent non-religious Requiem by the Cornish composer Russell Pascoe which is being performed in London, at the Cadogan Hall, Chelsea, on November 2 at 7.30pm ( box office 020 7730 4500).400x300.fitandcrop I wrote about it on April 13, after we’d travelled to Truro to hear the premiere. The concert is called Dying Light and I shall be there. Do come and say hello.

“One ‘tour’ took us to Truro a few weeks ago. You see, I had heard that the Cornish composer Russell Pascoe (an atheist) had written a non-religious Requiem.

He worked with a retired professor of clinical immunology called Anthony Pinching (an agnostic), who carefully assembled a libretto of magnificent poems. How intriguing, I thought . . .  why should religion have all the best tunes?

The work was to be premiered in Truro Cathedral, sung by the Three Spires Singers. We thought it worth a round trip of 300 miles — just to find out how a piece of non-sacred ‘sacred’ music can address the stages of grief, and provide spiritual consolation without being attached to any one faith.

We live in a secular society — yet bereaved people write to me in pain, often just wanting advice on poems to read at a funeral. But the point is they long for ceremony, for seriousness, for meaning. The great structures of religious ritual and art have always given spiritual support when people need it most. Russell Pascoe’s Requiem was outstandingly beautiful and I wish it could be heard in concert halls and churches up and down the land.

Because loss is something we all face, and glorious music like this can guide you through grief towards a necessary acceptance. It was universal, and — ultimately — full of hope. And another worthwhile journey in my personal quest.”

Bel – 13 April 2013, read the full article: